Praxis Connections, Ltd.  

We understand the challenges of doing business with China. There is the language barrier, the time difference, and the ongoing frustration of not able to communicate what is on your mind. More importantly, Chinese companies seem to have a hard time understanding our standards and expectations, or adapting to our way of thinking. We are sure you have asked yourself on more than one occasion, “do I really know what is going on over there?”

This is where Praxis Connections, Ltd. comes into the picture. We are a US company based in Central Ohio. When working with Praxis, you are able to talk to us face-to-face, or over the phone in the same time zone. You can also discuss specific requirements directly with us in English, knowing they will be communicated correctly to and carried out by companies in China. We want to build a transparent, cooperative and long term relationship that mutually benefits both of our organizations.
And we want to be your trusted partner, advisor, liaison and advocate overseas.

By choosing Praxis, you will be able to greatly reduce cost and turn around time by cutting out multiple layers of middle men and working with one direct central source. We offer services that help you transition from domestic to international trade environment, for example, providing domestic transactions and “middle ground” payment terms. Regardless if you want our help with locating specific products, finding manufacturing facilities to make custom designs, or just managing existing suppliers, we want to make sourcing from China a safe and worry-free resource to your company.

Let us prove to you, this process really works!