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Let us be of service!

At Praxis, we are specialized in finding customized solutions for your specific needs.

We are small, flexible and we love a challenge. We can tailor our services for you, whether to locate specific products, to find manufacturing facilities to make custom designs, or just to manage existing suppliers.

We understand the complexity in today’s business world and the flexibility required to be successful. We are here whenever you need help. Which means we are available to join in collaboration from beginning to end, or at any stage of the project, inside or outside of the retail industry.

We have years of experience in design, branding, R&D, prototyping, sourcing, production and project management, problem solving and logistics.

In the following pages, you will get a glance of some of the specialty products and materials we currently offer. However, please don’t hesitate to ask for our help with something new
and exciting.