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Recognizing the need to bridge creative design with precision engineering for producing customized retail displays, Jenny founded Praxis Connections, Ltd. in December 2013. With this enterprise, she is now able to offer value-added services, expertise and experience to support your organization.

Trained as an industrial designer, Jenny has over 10 years of diverse applications experience in the retail industry – fulfilling the high demand for creative designs and production efficiencies. She is adept at collaborating and communicating across key contributors, including designers, merchandisers, marketers, retail executives, production engineers and manufacturers.

While innovative in her thinking, Jenny is also process driven, logical, and able to break through any communication barriers between creatives and technicians. Fluent in Chinese, Jenny has a diverse yet efficient network of China resources, such as material providers, manufacturers and logistics agencies, via Praxis Connections.

Jenny has in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in multiple disciplines of creating, producing and delivering compelling retail environments. She excels in design, prototyping, problem solving, value engineering, sourcing and project management. She has proven success in branding, marketing, project proposing, partnership contracting, logistics and custom installation management.

As one major client example, Jenny successfully directed multiple high profile store display projects from concept to delivery for a Fortune 500 retailer for four consecutive years. One PO handled was over 3 million USD.

Any number of Jenny's diverse skills and services can be made available to support your design and production projects at any stage of the process, while accommodating your business on an ad-hoc or retainer basis.

Jenny's many specialties include: industrial design, graphic design, retail displays and fixtures, 2D and 3D signages, R&D, prototyping, problem solving, production sourcing (internationally and/or domestically), project management, creative solutions, innovation development, value engineering, branding, cross lingual and specialty communications in retail.

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